Hopefully, this will save someone a bunch of time. This is a very simple example of how to do oAuth 2 (in this case, with Google) in CFML without using ACF 11's new oauth tag.

(This morning, I was amazed to read how similar some of my "How I Got Started With ColdFusion" story is to one of my CF idols, Ray Camden. SEE his story here.  I hope he'll forgive me for copying and editing the first two paragraphs below...)

A week or so ago Steve Bryant suggested that August 1st be a day for us in the community to share how we got started in ColdFusion.

I began my college career in 1992 studying computer science. However, after a year or two I found myself dissatisfied with what I was learning (and finding that my 'good at math' skills hit a brick wall with Calculus 3). I switched to Psychology (with a minor in computer science) and found myself (and my grades) much improved. I couldn't escape my love of computers though.

After graduation, I was hired by a small, local ISP in my home town of York, PA (Cyberia Communications).  I was hired as Technical and Customer Support Manager.  We also did some commercial Web design and hosting and our webserver software was O'Reilly's WebSite which came with a free (limited?) copy of an early version of ColdFusion.  We started to receive requests from our Web design customers for non-static, database-driven websites and Web-based applications and, as I was one of the only employees with programming experience, I quickly learned CF and the rest, as they say, is history:  I've been primarily a ColdFusion developer ever since...about fifteen years.

Time for my biannual proposition on how to fix the BCS: the obvious (to me) solution is to have a playoff where the most "big deal" bowls own/name the games in the playoff.  For 2010 example, SEE below.  (NOTE: bowl names have been assigned to games more-or-less randomly and are for illustration purposes only.)  Thoughts?



On Thursday morning we (John, Juanito, Denia (Jackie's younger sister) and I) hit the road at 6AM to catch the 9:30AM ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan.  Our 2.5 hour drive turned out to be much longer, and we were the last few people to make it on the ferry...it was a close call :)  The ferry ride was 1.5 hours long.  We thought it wasn't bad until we saw the many people vomiting in those little bags.... one particular case stole our hearts.  There was a baby girl, about 9 months old; the entire ride she was vomiting.  It was heartbreaking.  Anyways, the view of the mountains on the mainland were stunning as we pulled away on the ferry.  We have pics of this.

We arrived at Roatan to be greeted by an extended family member of Jackie, Matias, who drove us from the ferry dock to our hotel.  Matias spent 5 years living in Idaho as an exchange student, and has great English.  He gave us the low-down about the island and some short history.

After arriving at our hotel we dropped our stuff in our room, changed into our suits and hit the water.  It was absolutely magnificent!!  The water was SO crystal clear!  This is the day we ran into Brian, our 9-year old friend who told us about the fish and sharks he had seen while snorkeling.  He was quite informative and as cute as can be.  He was a fish himself; using his kayak to paddle out into the open water, jump into the water with his mask, then back into kayak to go to another spot.  He was very adventurous and brave, as far as I'm concerned.  He did not fear anything :)  Later on we hit a local pizza joint, Shark's Cove, for some of the best pizza we've had.  John swears they were hiding some Brooklyn dude in the back to make pizza.  It was that good :)  After that we headed over to Blue Marlin to participate in karaoke night.  John sang, Juan sang, then I finally got the guts to sing, and I picked the right song.  The bar was full of Aussies, and they liked that I picked an old Aussie pop song.  It was fun :)  A few hours later we headed to a salsa bar called NOVA, and Juan does not know what it stands for....  We stayed here for the rest of night dancing salsa, bachatta, merengue, and much more....

On Friday we headed to West Bay for some sun-bathing on one of the cleanest beaches I've seen, and to snorkel around the reef.  This is the snorkeling adventure where I saw the largest sea turtle I've ever seen in the wild.  It was AMAZING!!  We followed it for about 5 minutes, then he turned his whole body around as to say, "OK, I'm annoyed.  You can stop following me now."  We respected his wishes and moved on.  This is also the day that I was stung by a jellyfish, right across my chest.  I did not see him....it totally sucked, but in the end I got over it.  Oh, and to make a long story short, we met a dude named Sully, about 51 years old, who wanted to go out on the town with us, so as good people we said, "OK."  Sully turned out to be the world's biggest liability!  A drunk guy from Boston, who only got more belligerent as he drank.  We eventually put him in a cab and sent him home...thank god!  As the night continued we went to a Thai joint, yes Thai food in Honduras, who would have thought?!  It was great!  We then spent the rest of the evening at an open air bar where the DJ was spinning some great music!  We ran into our water taxi driver, Billy, who is awesome, and set-up a private trip with him for Saturday.

On Saturday we went with Billy to see a dolphin show in Anthony Key.  The show was cancelled because a baby dolphin was born the night before.  Lucky for us, we docked the boat where the dolphins were and snorkeled around their enclosement.  We got to see a dozen or more dolphins, and the baby dolphin.  Billy then took us to a popular snorkeling site called Spooky Channel.  It is called Spooky Channel because the water is about 50 or more feet deep with walls of coral reef on either side.  You can swim right next to the reef and all of the tropical fish!!  This was one of the most awesome experiences ever!!  Especially since Honduras has the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, 1st is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia :)

Saturday night we had to go back to Shark's Cove for more pizza, actually for their wraps.  It was just as good as the first time :)  We then headed to 3 different places to experience the night life.  The last place that we were most interested in was a wash....we loved the music, loved the atmosphere, but in the distance we spotted Sully.  We had to make a run for it.  In the end it was perfect.  We ended up at a place called Jenny's Bar, where we were treated like royalty :)  Some great drinks, a free shot, and some great conversation with a few locals.... not to mention one that was trying to take Denia home with him.  We had to run him off :)  The one thing that was really awesome at this bar was the hand-carved pelican that was in the middle of bar.  It was beautiful!  We took pics with it :)

Sunday we made our way back home.  This time we sat in the air conditioned part of the ferry; 1. so we could sleep, and 2. so John would not get sunburned, again :)


On Friday, our day began at 1AM in preparation for our 5:45A.M. flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  It was a long day, but full of adventure.  After landing, our friend Juan(ito) picked us up from the airport and drove us to his family's house in Southwest San Pedro Sula, right next to the mountain range.  We put our stuff in our room, greeted Juan's mother (Leticia or Leti) and Jackie (Juan's girlfriend), and then repacked a small bag to head to Copan, a city famous for its colonial style and the Mayan Ruins.  It was a 3 hour drive on a bumpy, 2 lane road, through the mountains.  The vie ws were amazing!  We stayed in a very cute hotel in the center of the city, with a view of the mountains.  We ate dinner at a local fundido (fondue) joint, which was fabulous :)  We also made it in time for Happy Hour 2-8PM, drinks were 2 for 1, which made John and Juanito VERY happy :)

After dinner, we called it a night…..  a side note:  Most of the money in Honduras comes from the production of coffee, bananas, and corn, then there is tourism.

On Saturday we were joined by  Pita and Carlos, good friends of Juan and Jackie.  We headed to the Mayan Ruins via a 3-wheeler taxi....it's kind of hard to describe, but think of a 3-wheeler with a front bench for the driver, a back seat for 2-3 passengers, with a  vinyl covered top.  There will be a picture attached....  At the ruins we paid a little extra cash for a tour guide, since none of the 4 Latinos felt they could do a sufficient job of explaining the history of the ruins.

After the ruins we drove an hour outside of Copan into the rainforest where we enjoyed the hot springs.  This trip will always be memorable because when we arrived a huge thunderstorm began.  It was pouring rain, loud claps of thunder, and bright flashes of lightning.  It didn’t seem to bother our friends so we pretended it didn’t bother us either :)  We sat under the canopy of the rainforest, enjoying the hot springs, the thunderstorm, and of course, a cold beer :)

On Sunday we went to the bird sanctuary, which is also in the rainforest, and saw many types of exotic birds; toucans, macaws, parrots, parakeets, owls, hawks, etc.  It was beautiful!  The most amazing thing is that this sanctuary is only funded by donations and the coffee that it grows, processes, and sells on site.  All of us bought coffee (and beer) to help do our part for such a wonderful cause.  In our opinion, the coffee here tastes much better than any Starbucks drink.  John and I bought extra beans to bring home :)

Monday-Wednesday we'll be at Juan's house so John can put in some time for work, and in the afternoons/evenings we'll be exploring San Pedro Sula.  On Thursday we'll be driving to La Ceiba, where we will take a ferry to the Caribbean Island of Roatan...this is the trip I'm looking forward to the most!

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